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Data Security

While businesses worldwide outsource many of their key activities offshore to gain a competitive advantage, data security is a concern, considering the enormous implications in the event of fallout. Valenta BPO is fully aware of this and offers the best possible protection to client data. We are ISO 27001 Certified for Information. We have in place multiple levels of security to ensure ensuring data protection.

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A Team Of

Valenta BPO consists of 200+ professionals operating across geographies, offering a wide range of services to clients worldwide. The resources are a fine blend of youth and experience with specific skills sets. The company is headed by a visionary management team that works closely with clients, to offer cutting-edge solutions in Process Consulting and Digital Transformation, helping them succeed in a competitive marketplace.

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Technology Optimisation

We are strongly technology driven, in our approach to solutions to address customer issues. Our strengths lie in identifying the challenge, arriving at an optimised solution, and implementing it by leveraging the best cost-effective and current technology there is. We are recognised for our robust, efficient, and scalable solutions.

Services We Provide

Virtual Paraplanning Services | Valenta BPO US


We fully understand the routine demands of a financial planning business, the need for accuracy, compliance, and response times. We also realise that outcomes offered in wealth management.

Virtual Financial Planning Assistants | Valenta BPO US

Financial Advisor Virtual Assistants

We have proven expertise in various aspects of Financial Planning. Our trained team of administrative resources is efficient in a range of tasks, including CRM management, forms processing, annual reviews, advice implementation and business administration.

Bookkeeping for CFOs | Valenta BPO US

Virtual Bookkeeping for CPAs

Compliance related activities often take a significant amount of time, leaving accountants with little to focus on core tasks. We are well equipped to support such individual accountants/ firms through trained resources, freeing them to concentrate on more productive tasks.

Legal Process Outsourcing | Valenta BPO US

Legal Process Outsourcing

The legal profession is a demanding one, and law firms/ individual lawyers are usually burdened with routine day to day work, that takes away a big chunk of their time.

Zoho Implementation | Valenta BPO US

Zoho Consulting

We are a Zoho Vertical Partner, and our team of professionals has acquired deep expertise in the entire suite of solutions. We have the capability to configure, customize, and implement the entire suite of Zoho solutions, to help businesses streamline their activities for better efficiency.

Outsourced Digital Marketing | Valenta BPO US

Digital Marketing

While digital marketing is the way forward for businesses, it is crucial to ensure the effort is innovative and compelling, to cut through the clutter. Our team at Valenta has a clear understanding of this vibrant space and proven expertise, in web development, content optimisation, SEO and SEM, social media marketing, mobile advertising, and more.

About Us

Valenta BPO is a company with a proven track record in offering customised solutions in Process Consulting, Digital Transformation, and Outsourcing services to clients worldwide. Promoted by professionals with experience in offshore operations and domain knowledge, we provide outsourcing solutions to hundreds of businesses across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Spread across locations, our dedicated team of 200+ professionals are committed to offering cutting edge solutions that help businesses reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and deliver better performance, to gain a distinct edge in the marketplace.

Client Testimonials

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