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Digital Transformation


Valenta experienced digital consulting team offers digital transformation strategies and associated services to businesses, aiming to leverage the emerging paradigm for growth and success. We have experts on current online technologies with an ability to design, develop and implement an end-to-end solution. You can leverage our expertise on Zoho and Salesforce suite of solutions to power your business.

We can help you with your digital transformation, if your business currently has/ experiences the following issues.

  • Multiple software solutions across the enterprise
  • Clients across multiple CRMs
  • Faces a challenge in data mining and compliance issues
  • Finds tracking the business pipeline time consuming and cumbersome
  • Deploys multiple systems to assess the revenue earned per client and profitability
  • Challenges in assessing the team’s tasks and utilisation of resources
  • Finds the need for a client portal to present to them the value of your services
  • Has a roadmap to become a leading business enabled by current technologies
  • Considering an integrated system with CRM, password protection, social media management, online signatures, invoicing, online meetings and more options

Why Valenta’s Digital Consulting Services

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Focused on technology

Our digital consulting teams have in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies, tools, and platforms and leverage these to offer high performance solutions.

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Effective Insights

We interact with your employees, management, and end clients to understand your processes and workflows and deliver solutions that meet your objectives.

Our Process

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