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Salesforce Consulting


Businesses often look for ways to enhance their efficiency, improve their processes, and further performance, to stay relevant and profitable in the marketplace. Among the most common approaches taken towards achieving this is digital transformation, and platform integration to support various functions within the enterprise. Salesforce is one of the most popular and widely used cloud-based, business solution suites addressing this.

Popular and used by various leading organisations across domains, Salesforce offers products on CRM, business analysis, consulting, sales, account management, marketing, customer support, accounting, call centre management and more… Salesforce integration experts possess deep knowledge of the entire suite of Salesforce solutions. Our Salesforce consulting team can work with you to understand your requirements and deploy the right solution(s), ensuring your business gets more productive and efficient.

You could use our Salesforce implementation expertise for one product such as CRM or financial management, the entire suite of products, training, or implementation and we will be glad to partner with you on your journey towards efficiency.

Why Valenta Salesforce Consulting

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ISO certification

We are ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management Systems and ISO 27001 certified for Information Security.

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No lock-in contract

Our contracts are simple with no lock in terms.

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Dedicated team members

We will allocate a dedicated team member and reporting manager to your business. Our reporting managers will oversee quality and service delivery.

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Customised solutions

We work will large corporate to small businesses. We can customise an outsourcing or captive solution to meet your requirements.

Our Process

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