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Businesses planning to further enhance efficiency and performance, often consider an integrated software platform to help them effectively meet objectives. We are a vertical partner with ZOHO, one of the best-known names in integrated software solutions for diverse applications. We offer customised solutions to address specific functions – CRM, consulting, business analysis, marketing, customer support, sales, account management, accounting, bookkeeping and more. We also have the expertise in integrating Zoho solutions with other 3rd party applications.

Why Valenta Zoho consultants

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ZOHO Vertical Partner

We are a Zoho vertical partner which translates to a deep understanding of the entire range of Zoho solutions, enabling us to offer customised solutions.

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Key Insights

Our Zoho consultants possess deep understanding of business processes from the perspectives of various stakeholders – employees, management, and end-clients. This enables us to offer solutions that are high performing and effective.

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Rich experience

Our expertise on the ZOHO suite is deep and comprehensive, positioning us best to offer innovative solutions for businesses across domains.

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Well integrated solutions

The Zoho solutions integrations expertise coupled with expertise on third party applications enables us to deliver solutions that are well integrated and seamless in their functioning. Our solutions also provide crucial business insights through dashboards and automated reports.

Foundation Blocks

Implementing Zoho in your organisation should include one of more of the following application:

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Zoho Full Service Solutions

Our Zoho Experts help businesses build and implement custom Zoho solutions that are tailored to their business processes. Our full service solutions have helped businesses across verticals improve efficiencies, improve productivity and accelerate growth.

Our Process

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Zoho Integrated Solutions

Our Zoho consultants build and deploy customised solutions, designed to address specific business processes. Our integrated solutions span various functions such as financial accounting, marketing, business analytics, sales and CRM, helping organisations improve efficiency, productivity and performance.

Our Process

Scope document

We prepare a scope document that clearly lists out your requirements and what would be achieved by implementing the solution.


We will offer you an initial proposal detailing the requirements, timelines and budget.

Discovery sessions

The discovery session is a brainstorming session where we analyse, document and learn of the objective, existing processes and practices, before getting to designing and building a dedicated solution.


Post the discovery session, a prototype would be built to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page in terms of expectations and deliverables.

Project Sign off

At this stage, a final proposal will be submitted to you for sign off.

Design Architecture

This stage involves designing the architecture for your customised solution with dashboards and reports, giving you the insights required to make informed decisions.

Data Migration

Here your existing data will be mapped to the designed architecture ensuring easy access of the historic data without loss.

Build Process

This stage ensures your workflows and process automation functions more effectively.

User Acceptance Testing

We will work closely with your stakeholders to walk them through the process to complete system testing.


A training program will be conducted for users of the new solution to ensure they are well-prepared prior to the system going live.

On-Site implementation

The system will be deployed in your work environment, tested and then taken live.

On-going support

Ongoing maintenance support will be provided to ensure optimal performance as and when required and as defined under the agreement.

Benefit realisation

We will analyse implementation of the solution to measure the benefits accrued, to confirm if it is functioning as planned.

Annual Review

Considering that business dynamics change over time, we will conduct an annual review and a gap analysis to check on the efficiency of the system. Recommendations will be made if needed to course correct, to ensure performance.

Zoho Single Product Solutions

Whether you are looking for a full service solution or a single Zoho product, our Zoho consultants can help with set-up, training and customisation to ensure you get the most out of your Zoho product.

Zoho Onboarding

Our Zoho consultants ensure you quickly set up any Zoho product, leveraging it to the fullest extent.

Zoho Training

Effective training contributes significantly to a solution’s performance. Our Zoho consultants can ensure just that with comprehensive training to quickly get your team familiar with the solution.

Building Workflows

Given the rapid pace of business, automating workflows is crucial for maintaining high productivity and the competitive edge. Our Zoho Consultants are well versed in building workflows for different industries and custom designs them based on your business requirements.

Designing Reports

Reports help the business leadership assess a scenario better to make effective decisions. Our Zoho experts can help with customised reports that provide sharp and incisive insights into your business, enabling you to do that.

Dashboard design

Quick decision making is all about having all the information you need one dashboard. We can customise your dashboard, helping you get critical business information, all on one screen, for a quick and accurate assessment.

Providing Business Insights

You need the right data to course correct/ make business decisions on the move. Our Zoho Consultants will work with you to identify and automate the activity of collecting vital business information, enabling you take the right decisions at the right time.

Providing Business Analytics

Your business would be generating a good amount of data that hides insights, crucial to you making your next move. Our Zoho consultants leverage the power of Zoho to provide deep analytics that can reveal information, important to your business success.

Using Artificial Intelligence

Zoho products are built in with intuitive AI, helping various processes get more efficient. Our Zoho experts extract the complete potential this feature, to derive better productivity and improved processes.

Designing a client portal

Getting clients to use a given platform for better efficiency is a challenge, unless the solution has an easy-to-use interface that all stakeholders can use effectively. Our Zoho consultants can custom design your client portals thereby simplifying processes and improving effectiveness.

Designing Processes

The key objective of any Zoho product is to further improve a process or efficiency, something that can be achieved only by those with an excellent understanding of the product. Our Zoho consultants work closely with you to understand your processes from various stakeholder perspectives and design an improved process framework to achieve the desired objective.

Integrations with other Zoho Apps

While integrating a Zoho solution with other Zoho products is relatively straightforward, it demands a good amount of expertise to ensure that is done in a manner that maximizes the effectiveness of both products. Our Zoho developers have vast experience in integrating various products from the Zoho suite, to ensure optimum performance.

Integrations with Third Party Apps

It is possible that your organisation is already using a solution in one or more activity areas, and you now have decided on a Zoho solution to work along with. Our team consists of experts with knowledge on various other third-party applications and will work, to integrate these with the Zoho products to ensure performance.

Zoho Pricing

We work on fixed priced projects or hourly rates.

Hourly rates:

Principal Consultant        – $3,500 per day

Senior Consultant          – $1,800 per day or $250 per hour

Senior Developer          – $1,000 per day or $150 per hour

Junior Developer          – $80/hour

Admin assistant          – $30/hour

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