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We fully understand the routine demands of a financial planning business, the need for accuracy, compliance, and response times. We also realise that outcomes offered in wealth management attract an intense regulatory focus, and it is important for advisers to do exhaustive research, before making client recommendations.

This is time consuming and leaves you with little time for business development. Outsourcing paraplanning to us at Valenta is a viable option. Our virtual paraplanners assist financial advisors starting from data entry, reviewing supporting documents, modelling scenario’s and finalising a high quality plan.

We have the world’s largest team of virtual paraplanners and financial planning administration experts, enabling us to offer additional resources with specific skill sets, or dedicated teams, based on client requirements.

Trained on industry-leading software applications, our virtual paraplanners work to enhance efficiency and ensure businesses get more profitable. You have the flexibility to choose from our range of services, and opt only those offerings, relevant to your business model.

Paraplanning Functions

  • Debt optimization
  • Snowball debt reduction
  • Retirement income planning
  • Pension/social security maximization
  • Roth conversion
  • 9 circle strategy
  • Gifting strategies
  • Laddering strategies using various certificates for cash management
  • Using trusts in order to reduce/provide liquidity for estate taxes and/or provide regular stream of income
  • TERI (Tax efficient Retirement Income)

Why Valenta’s Virtual Paraplanner Services

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Largest provider of paraplanning services globally

We have the largest team of highly experienced virtual paraplanners, equipped to offer a range of services in the fastest possible time

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Extension of your team

Our virtual paraplanners can act as dedicated resources trained in your/ processes and practices ensuring they deliver effectively, in competitive environments

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We have an ISO 9001 Certification for quality management systems in Paraplanning

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Award winning team

Leading our team of virtual paraplanners are award-winning financial advisors, with a combined experience of over 500 years

How does Paraplanning work

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Valenta Paraplanning Solutions - Dedicated Staffing model

Full Time Dedicated Paraplanner

40 hours per week

$ 2,500 /per month

Part Time Dedicated Paraplanner

20 hours per week

$ 1,250 /per month

Valenta Paraplanning Solutions - Pay Per Plan

Single Strategy 


Each Additional Strategy


Our Services

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