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Process Consultation


Considering the dynamic business environment, organizations constantly aim at improving productivity and performance, while trying to reduce costs. In businesses with complex workflow structures and operations, process management is key to achieve enhanced efficiency.

At Valenta, we have experienced professionals with expertise in process management consulting. We work closely with you/ your management team and take a systematic approach in helping the company’s business/ performance objectives. This involves a detailed analysis of the practices, short listing of aspects that could be improved, exclusion of unnecessary processes, and drafting of fresh strategies and processes for deployment. Our business process management consultants then document these processes to ensure the associated stakeholders have clearly documented guidelines to perform their tasks.

The working of process consulting

  • Scope document– The scope document lists out the objective and what is to be achieved post implementation. This document is the first step in our approach to our project.
  • Proposal An initial proposal will be created elucidating your requirements, estimated time, and budget.
  • Discovery session – The discovery session is a brainstorming session conducted post the approval of the proposal. This helps us understand the current processes, the objectives as defined in the scope document, and a discussion of processes with key stakeholders.
  • Project sign off – After the discovery session, the proposal will be fine-tuned for a final sign off.
  • TrainingTraining is crucial to the success of any project. Post development of the solution, we will design a detailed training plan for stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition.
  • ImplementationWe have in place an expert team to implement the project as planned and evaluate its performance before taking it live on site.
  • On-going support – We offer on-going support as defined in our agreement and based on your requirements. This would be as defined in the agreement at the time of finalising the project.
  • Benefit realisationHere we will engage with key stakeholders to assess the effectiveness of the project after implementation.
  • Annual reviewOur team has an annual review and also carries out a gap analysis to ensure the effectiveness of the solution. Course corrections if required, will be recommended to optimise performance.
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Why Valenta’s process consulting services

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Focused on technology

Our process management consulting teams have in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies, tools, and platforms and leverage these to offer high performance solutions.

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Effective Insights

We interact with your employees, management, and end clients to understand your processes and workflows and deliver solutions that meet your objectives.

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Post-implementation Audit

We conduct a detailed post implementation audit to assess the effectiveness of our solution, and advice on the course correction if needed.

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