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Build Your Team


Valenta has built an excellent track record in setting up and managing, Business Process Outsourcing centres from ground up. We have supported several enterprises across domains, planning on a captive operation, by setting up outsourcing centres. A centre of this kind is recommended for organisations, wishing to employ around 200+ employees. Working with a BPO is a more viable option for smaller businesses.

We have offices in the US, UK, and Australia, and large captive operations in various locations in India and Malaysia backing it. We have a clear understanding of the business dynamic in these regions, the resource availability, and other intricacies, which we will leverage to assist you in setting up your operations.

Identification of office space, recruitment of resources, training, or any other help that you may need, we can provide it to your satisfaction.

Engagement models

Clients have their own unique business needs and one engagement model does not fit all. We offer flexible engagement options to address their requirements.

Leasing of staff

We offer offshore staffing options whereby you can put together a team, by choosing from our group employees to work for you full-time, from our premises. This team is legally employed by us but you could engage those resources exclusively for your projects. If further required, we could also help you put your own dedicated team for on-site management.

Virtual captive centres

In simple terms, a captive centre is a wholly-owned entity and an integral part of the parent company, set up in a new location. This gives the parent company sufficient control over the captive set up. Establishing such a centre however, is demanding in terms of time, investment, and effort, which results in most clients opting out of such centres.

A cost effective, low risk option to this is captive offshoring, where we will set up a dedicated virtual centre, leveraging our expertise and experience. With this, businesses can assess and evaluate the new region before taking a decision on a permanent operation. Our clients could also use these services with an option of acquiring the establishment/ resources after some time.

Joint ventures

Several companies do not consider the outsourcing option, more so, if they handle sensitive data or processes that demand operational control and quality assurance. Of course, there could be various other reasons for a business to prefer tighter ownership and monitoring. Besides, a captive centre or an owned subsidiary may not be an option considering the demands on time, effort and costs. In such cases, we offer clients the option of a joint venture, to get the activity started. With this, you have easy access to the required manpower and expertise, resources we have built over time, and start off your operations at the earliest.


If you envision a full-fledged offshore operation over time, we recommend a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) engagement with us. Here, we will build and operate your offshore operation for a specific period after which, the operation could be handed over to you/ your representative company.

Outsourcing Vs Captive

Why Valenta’s captive offshoring services

Presence across Geographies

Experience and expertise in setting up delivery full-fledged delivery centres in India and Malaysia. Deep understanding of the local laws, culture, customs, and markets.

Resource Training

Ability and resources to train manpower at your centre if needed.

No cap on team size

Ability to set up captive centres of any size.

Staffing expertise

Ability to identify and recruit the best talent for your team.

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